Kjøllefjord and Nordkyn peninsula

Kjøllefjord is a small but warm and vibrant community on the west side of Nordkyn Peninsula. The old fishing village is located far into the bay, with beautiful views of the ocean and Finnkirka Rock.


Despite its size (about 1000 inhabitants) offers Kjøllefjord many services and shops. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, the air is clean and the weather is surprisingly mild considering that the village is located at 70 ° North. Beyond daily coastal port has Kjøllefjord connections with the rest of the world through bus services and the nearby adventure camp Airport.



There is a range of accommodation in Kjøllefjord, including Nordkyn Hotel in the center and Foldalbruket, a former fish factory that has been converted into accommodation and museum. Foldalbruket is protected by the Cultural Heritage.

Nordkyn peninsula

Nordkyn (or North Cheek) is Europe's northernmost mainland and famous for its beautiful and raw nature. There are excellent conditions for sea and river fishing, snowmobiling, hiking and sailing.

With its location far north of the Arctic Circle you will find here many unique and fascinating light phenomenon. In summer the midnight sun around the clock. In winter the northern lights dancing across the sky. The clear, cold air and snow enhances both moonlight and starlight over the fells. Polar Night midday light provides a clear view of a bluish, mysterious light.



Finnkirka i mørke

Sea cliff Finnkirka illuminated in the dark.

Sea cliff Finnkirka is clearly visible in the ocean from Kjøllefjord. The majestic church-like formation is said to have been an ancient Sami sacrificial site, and is still used as a landmark for mariners. Rock is a well-known attraction, and is illuminated under Hurtigruten passages in the dark.

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